Book Sales Up and Down

In contrasting reports today, Publishers Weekly says overall book sales are up 1.9% in August, though for the year they are down 2.2%. In addition to that news, Borders Group Inc., owner of Borders Books, Music, Yogurt, and More as well as Waldenbooks, has announced it won’t earn as much as it had forecasted.

Closer to home (for me), Atlanta independent bookseller Chapter 11 is cut down on the number of stores it uses, concentrating on a few stores which have been more profitable than the others. Publishers Weekly counts seven stores, but the company website offers a list of six.

Jeff Grim
Jeff Grim has been a reader all of his life. He has had a particular interest in military history, any war at any time. His fascination with military history has brought him to an interest in historical fiction where the history comes alive with fictitious heroes and villains. Recently, Jeff has become interested in historical mysteries set in various time periods.

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