Is the Label 'Jezebel' a Compliment?

Joking about The Prayer of Jabez, Russell Moore of Touchstone Magazine said, “that the feminist revisionists would respond with their own small devotional volume: The Prayer of Jezebel.” On Friday, he reported the book’s release.

Fortress Press, the publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has announced the publication of The Jezebel Letters, which “combines top-notch biblical scholarship with a fictionalized first-person account of the biblical character.” According to the Fortress press release, the book “transforms the stereotype of the notorious biblical queen into a more historically based portrayal of a powerful, literate royal woman.”

You may have gotten a bad impression of Jezebel from the Biblical account, but this book argues that the facts are “she was ‘the urbane and thoughtful Queen of Israel who gives voice to her efforts and those of her family in guiding Israel through one of its most challenging, and least understood, periods.'”

Fortress Press, where the truth is what we make her.

Jeff Grim
Jeff Grim has been a reader all of his life. He has had a particular interest in military history, any war at any time. His fascination with military history has brought him to an interest in historical fiction where the history comes alive with fictitious heroes and villains. Recently, Jeff has become interested in historical mysteries set in various time periods.


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