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Well, how’re you? Yeah, I’ve been away a little while, but I’m back now–for what it’s worth. So, have you heard the latest?

I saw in Publishers Weekly that two bookstores in Mississippi were completely destroyed. Bookends Bookstore in Bay St. Louis, MS, and Pass Christian Books in Pass Christian, were flattened. This regional director was quoted to say it was as if the stores were never there. Their locations were swept up by Katrina.

You remember John Grisham is from Mississippi. He has worked up a relief effort, Rebuild the Coast Fund, to help with things. He put in $5 million himself.

With New Orleans and other parts of the gulf in shambles, other things seem pretty unimportant; but there’s still other things out there. Like Harry Potter 6 is still a top-seller. No, really, there are better things than that. gave ten cartons of books to a family of eight in Watts, CA, as a part of that show Renovate My Family of FOX. Now they’re asking their customers to contribute books from the family’s wishlist.

Do you remember seeing a post here about pryomarketing and some opposition from people behind The Purpose-Driven Life? Now they’re saying the book will be released this month. It’s called Pryomarketing by Greg Stielstra. Well, the whole title is PyroMarketing : The Four-Step Strategy to Ignite Customer Evangelists and Keep Them for Life. I don’t know how applicable his marketing plan would be for novels.

And I can’t go without saying that Christopher Paolini, the 21-year-old fantasy author, has come out with this second book, Eldest. It sold over 425,000 in the first week. They’ve even started filming a movie version of the first one, Eragon.

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