Recommended Hosting Services?

We have again experienced some technical difficulties. This latest bout has convinced me to seek out other hosting service options. Can readers suggest relatively cheap hosting services that are compatible with Movable Type? My current host blames issues on MT when I am sure they are server related. Any information or recommendations are appreciated.

Kevin Holtsberry
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  1. Have had nothing but great experiences with over the years. And I also highly recommend WordPress, which is stabler than MT (and which I’ve just switched to after my frustrations with MT began branching out to multiple levels). Other pal have said Dreamhost is alright too. But since they’ve never committed a colossal mistake (and were highly flexible during the infamous India Times incident), I must go on record as saying that Pair is the cat’s pajamas.

  2. Ditto on I’ve been with them for years. And I abandoned MT for WordPress with good effect, importing all my entries without a hitch.

  3. MT is just dandy, and perhaps the most versatile and thoroughly tried-out blog software available.

    The absolutely best hosting service in my experience, especially for MT, is HostingMatters at

    They are, IMNSHO, an exemplar of everything a host should be.


  4. We’ve got a number of web hosts that offer Movable Type presinstalled (including Pair) and any of them will offer a good experience with MT. You can find the list here:

    In regards to stability, most of the biggest blogs in the world run on Movable Type, include the NYTimes’ and the Gawker Media sites. It should definitely be able to scale to handle your blog, and it won’t limit you to a single blog.

  5. One of the services that Anil mentioned is MediaTemple. I use them for one of my sites and some of my client’s sites. I can say that they offer good value, their control panel is easy to use and their customer service is quite good. They provide MT hosting, so there’s no problem with that.

    Hope that helps!

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