Calling Ohio. Will Judy Woodruff Wake Larry King?

Kevin’s post today induced a CNN flashback of Election Eve. I remember thinking as midnight approached that Judy Woodruff might kill her computer guy if he didn’t “call Ohio.” Given the three hour time lag from east to west, it was well past everyone’s bed time before Larry KIng startled Wolf blitzer with a question about the mayoral race in Birmingham, Alabama. The question of who is the mayor of Birmingham was never answered, due to the lateness of the hour. I could only assume that someone was elected and that the people of Birmingham know who it is.

I got a kick out of Sarah Vowell’s deft reference to Citizen Vince. It is a good book, and I wish people like Sarah would reference good books more often. As far as looking ahead to the next presidential campaign, here are some thoughts: Ohio should vote a few days ahead of the rest of the country, otherwise I fear the Buckeye State will have one reporter for each of its citizens, a ratio bound to lead to crowded restaurants, traffic jams, and sold out Cavs games. Once Ohio chooses the president, the rest of the nation can kick back, secure in the knowledge that snow mobiles will be welcome in Yellowstone, the Indians won’t win the pennant, and Larry King can get to bed at a decent hour.

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