Thank you for the praise

Michael Blowhard said some very nice things about this blog, and I want to thank him, especially for noting our story contest, which you can still enter for the opportunity to win a signed copy of Michelle Herman’s Dog. He writes:

It seems to me that the cheeriest and most enterpreneurial of the book-blogs is Kevin Holtberry’s Collected Miscellany. The CM posse — Kevin, David, Phil and Jeff — are nothing if not devoted readers and book-lovers, and their reviews and tips reflect a lot of brainy experience and sensible thinking. Energy, too: Kevin and the boyz publish q&a’s, for instance — and they’re open-minded and down-to-earth enough to recognize that the book-thang ain’t just about the writers.

Forgive me, Kevin, if you saw this before and sided with humility against posting a reference. I’m encouraged by it.

Jeff Grim
Jeff Grim has been a reader all of his life. He has had a particular interest in military history, any war at any time. His fascination with military history has brought him to an interest in historical fiction where the history comes alive with fictitious heroes and villains. Recently, Jeff has become interested in historical mysteries set in various time periods.