Thank you for the praise

Michael Blowhard said some very nice things about this blog, and I want to thank him, especially for noting our story contest, which you can still enter for the opportunity to win a signed copy of Michelle Herman’s Dog. He writes:

It seems to me that the cheeriest and most enterpreneurial of the book-blogs is Kevin Holtberry’s Collected Miscellany. The CM posse — Kevin, David, Phil and Jeff — are nothing if not devoted readers and book-lovers, and their reviews and tips reflect a lot of brainy experience and sensible thinking. Energy, too: Kevin and the boyz publish q&a’s, for instance — and they’re open-minded and down-to-earth enough to recognize that the book-thang ain’t just about the writers.

Forgive me, Kevin, if you saw this before and sided with humility against posting a reference. I’m encouraged by it.