David Sedaris, MJ Rose, Hillary Clinton

MJ Rose’s The Halo Effect is now available in paperback. As MJ points out on her blog Buzz, Balls, & Hype, the book is $6.99, a reasonable price by any standard. She would like all of you to buy her book, so get out there and grab a copy.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova has been a big hit for Little, Brown and a source of nagging guilt for your reporter. I received this hefty tome from Time Warner Books, but I’m not a big vampire guy and Vlad the Impaler would be more interesting if he were, say, Speaker of the House. Nevertheless, my cultural shortcomings are vividly displayed by my inability to crack this book open. I feel the same way about David Sedaris and Hillary Clinton.

Lost in the summertime shuffle is Thirty Three Swoons by Martha Cooley. This is a doppelganger novel divided between Greenwich Village in the Seventies and St. Petersburg shortly before the Bolshevik Revolution. Maybe the Lit Blog Co-op will nominate Martha Cooley next time around. She deserves some ink, some audience share.

I’m an avid reader of Tod Goldberg and his blog…Tod Goldberg. Tod teaches creative writing at UCLA and he never fails to expand my vocabulary along with my horizons. His brother, Lee, also runs a good blog about the travails of television writing ( Monk, Murder, She Wrote.) Stop by.

Maybe Buffy spoiled me for vampires. The theory weakens as I realize I’ve rarely watched the show. Didn’t Vlad play for the Lakers?