Bye Bye, Bertie in Ellery Queen's

In case you overlooked it, let me tell you about a book I’m looking forward to. Bye Bye Bertie by Rick Dewhurst came out last January. It’s the story of a P.I. who’s looking for love and/or crime in Vancouver, B.C. Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine says, “The author, a Canadian pastor, brings a satirical perspective to all the great religious and moral quandaries and provides plenty of laughs even for readers outside the born-again culture. The Library of Congress subject heading (Christian Life–Humor) is a more accurate tag than crime or mystery novel, but the case is solved after a fashion.”

Of course, it hasn’t been said until Will Duquette says it, and he calls Bye Bye Bertie “remarkably funny book. It’s a mystery novel, and a remarkably odd one at that.”