What Will Boys Read?

The CSM has a story out of Philadelphia on teaching boys to read.

Some educators believe that the way schools teach reading tends to favor girls, both in terms of teaching style and reading materials chosen. . . .

When left to their own devices, he says, girls tend to draw “nouns” (people and faces), while boys are drawn to “verbs” (action shots and bombs going off). Boys may actually read more than people think they do, says Mr. Wadsworth – but it’s not material assigned in school. For boys, he recommends topics like “baseball, butterflies, collecting stamps.”

World Magazine’s blog notes this article and asks for reading recommendations for boys. Note also the recommended list on the CSM site. The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman? Give it up.

Jeff Grim
Jeff Grim has been a reader all of his life. He has had a particular interest in military history, any war at any time. His fascination with military history has brought him to an interest in historical fiction where the history comes alive with fictitious heroes and villains. Recently, Jeff has become interested in historical mysteries set in various time periods.