Book Title Lists

“Today,” Tim Challies wrote yesterday, “I thought it would be moderately fun (at best) to ask people to list the books that are currently on their desk. Just a list of the titles and authors.”

And some bloggers have followed suit.

Being an influencial aerodite in the literary pantheon, my desk has a handful of books in which you will no doubt be interested though you probably have yet to hear of them.

  • Lest the Darkness Overtake You, a Cautionary Tale, by Anakin Skywalker (He will likely blog on this when it’s released to the public)
  • I Wish I Was Dreaming: Meditations on the Afterlife from My Brief Experience in it, by John Lennon
  • As I Lay Sleeping by Absolom, by William Faulkner (an early unfinished novel)
  • Fat, Obnoxious Title, by Jonathan Safran Foer
  • My Life on Hold, by the Honorable Patricia Owen
  • The Raphael Code, by Jan Brown