“Today,” Tim Challies wrote yesterday, “I thought it would be moderately fun (at best) to ask people to list the books that are currently on their desk. Just a list of the titles and authors.”

And some bloggers have followed suit.

Being an influencial aerodite in the literary pantheon, my desk has a handful of books in which you will no doubt be interested though you probably have yet to hear of them.

  • Lest the Darkness Overtake You, a Cautionary Tale, by Anakin Skywalker (He will likely blog on this when it’s released to the public)
  • I Wish I Was Dreaming: Meditations on the Afterlife from My Brief Experience in it, by John Lennon
  • As I Lay Sleeping by Absolom, by William Faulkner (an early unfinished novel)
  • Fat, Obnoxious Title, by Jonathan Safran Foer
  • My Life on Hold, by the Honorable Patricia Owen
  • The Raphael Code, by Jan Brown