The Corrections

Charles Ardai the publisher at Hard Case Crime emailed to straighten me out on the Edgars. Domenick Stansbury won. Little Girl Lost was nominated but didn’t win. Sorry for the flub.

Brenda Coulter has a response to Otto Penzler on her blog. You may recall that Otto chastised women writers this past week. Otto was subsequently compared to a grade school teacher of dubious note in the comments section of this very blog. Useful stuff, Otto. Don’t allow common sense or basic regard for others to interfere with your thought processes.

Harper Collins has a bunch of new mysteries out under the Morrow, Dark Alley and Regan Books imprints. I’m looking forward to reviewing Michelle Martinez, Bill Lashner and Jess Walter just to name a few. Next Friday is the target date for reviewing gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson. In previous posts I’ve misspelled her name. This is the new journalism?

Martha O’Connor’s novel The Bitch Posse is due to be released in May. I think this is her debut novel. With all these corrections self-doubt is seeping through the pores. No word from Oprah yet on the future of her book club. And we’re two weeks and one day from the Lit Blog Co-op’s first selection. Stay tuned.