Reality, Your Honor, That's What at Stake

Booksquare has been all over the unfolding story of Judith Regan’s move to Los Angeles. She’s also nailed a New York Daily News report that author Jenna Jameson is suing ReganBooks. Judith Regan is suing right back. The issue is some sort of reality show based on Jenna’s daily life as a…I’m not sure what. Person, writer, litigant. Part of the reason ReganBooks is leaving NYC for the Golden State is LA’s film and television industry which left New York eighty or ninety years ago. Perhaps ninety years from now everyone will move to Cleveland.

You may well ask why a book publisher wants to be in close proximity to television and movie execs. I’m pretty sure you can reach LA by telephone or fax from New York as long as you call after five or on weekends except those weekends that include national holidays. That’s not the same as rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers while basking in the glorious weather visible through the windsheld of your car. It’s about being there when the deals go down, when The Next Big Thing rocks the industry. Hunter Thompson predicted all of this with visions of uniformed dwarfs and pink telephones, a time when every American girl and boy would need an agent. It’s about values. Who needs stodgy old New York? And valet parking…forget about it…LA wins that one hands down.