On Further Review

Okay it’s April and I’m reading the best book I’ve read all year. Not impressed? That’s fair because Newt and Harriet have sharpened their craft while your reporter has been busy writing a book proposal, driving the I-5 corridor, tinkering with a nameless novel while experiencing range of motion issues resulting from the previously described activities. There’s nothing sedentary about bad writing, my friends. I think my rotator cuff has frayed along my left shoulder after ripping things from today’s headlines, causing right shoulder ache when tossing said output towards the once and future waste basket, currently and inexplicably AWOL. Who moved it? Certainly not Judith Regan of ReganBooks. She and selected staffers are abandoning NYC and moving to Los Angeles. Yeah, California. Next stop? Santiago Chile. A little Pacific aspect will settle those frayed Midtown nerves. Never mind that none of them know how to drive.

The best book I’ve read this year…Ken Bruen’s Magdalen Martyrs. If all goes well, I’ll have my Friday review ready by Friday, my balanced and incisive commentary sufficiently tuned to the conflicting demands of the marketplace. Anyway, this is a rough business. Check Tod Goldberg’s latest post if you don’t believe me. What’s the theme of my book? Love and redemption. And shoulder pain. For everything else, there’s memoir writing where family members stage lightning assaults on the pale and shaken author. Gotta go, that could be Judith Regan on line two.