Debut Novelists Invade Seattle

If you’re visiting the Upper Left Coast early next week (perhaps you’re a Portuguese explorer or a British map-maker) sail into Ballard for the First Fiction Tour. A quartet of new authors will be at the Sunset in Ballard at 7pm on Tuesday. The group includes Miranda Beverly-Whittemore whose The Effects of Light was reviewed here last week. She should feel somewhat at home in Seattle having grown up in the Rose City a mere three hour, two hamburger drive away.

According to John Marshall, the Seattle PI’s book critic, the original announcement of the event listed the wrong day. Once you’ve beached your vessel check with the University Bookstore if you’re still confused about the details.

Ballard is part of Seattle. The principal language is Swedish and you’ll notice dozens of elderly Volvos in mint condition gathered near the Konditerei. Most of the signs refer to the No Parking regs and are depicted as a Volvo with a red line drawn on the diagonal accompanied by an exclamation mark. Early settlers built a bunch of good restaurants along Shilshole Bay. For the explorer there’s not much Portuguese fare and no one knows what British food is. Try the salmon. Visit the fish ladder then go meet the authors.