Olen Steinhauer, Ken Bruen, Tacitus

Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network included Kevin and I in an interview panel titled Lit Bloggers III. While Kevin’s recuperating take a look at Dan’s site and check out the latest in this series of interviews.

Linda McFall at St. Martins Press sent Olen Steinahuer’s The Confession his successor novel to The Bridge of Sighs. I’m halfway through it; it’s excellent. If it works out with my schedule I’ll review it Friday. She also sent me Ken Bruen’s The Magdalen Martyrs. Ken Bruen is an Irish writer who toured the US in March. He’s the author of The Guards among many others.

With unusuual self-restraint I’m not mentioning the Yankees’ crushing win over the Bosox last night. Author David Wells took the hill for the visitors; perfect, he wasn’t. Looked more like BP for the home side. As some of you know I was not invited to try out for the Yanks this spring, but as I told Steinbrenner, I’m not a set-up guy, I’m a starter. We’ll see how Randy Johnson works out.

Joshilyn Jackson’s Gods in Alabama is in the TBR pile; her book will released in mid-April. As for Tacitus his book was released in AD 97 entitled The Histories. He chronicles the end of Nero’s reign and the rise of the Flavian emperor Vespatian. It includes a section on the Jewish War, the revolt in Judea that required six Roman legions to put down. Think of it as a political thriller.

Not to alarm anyone but as things stand now Pamela Anderson and Jose Canseco are the two greatest writers of the 21st century. Polish those manuscripts, gang.