Rudolfo Anaya and Friends

It’s probably a stretch to call this a review but I’ve been a Rudolfo Anaya fan for many years, back to Rio Grande Fall in 1996. PI Sonny Baca is the main character although the rich Spanish culture of the southwest often takes center stage. Sonny first appeared in Zia Summer. I don’t know if these books are still in print; hunt them down and check them out.

Gwenda at Bondgirl has a wonderful post about her secret life as a YA author; she shares the writer’s angst about first drafts, critique groups, rewrites and more rewrites. She’s very eloquent as she ruminates on the private struggle to complete a book.

Booksquare has a link to Elizabeth Spier’s article on the gender gap among prominent bloggers; it’s not specific to literary blogs but addresses male to female ratios in other categories.

I finished reading Drama City by George Pelecanos. It’s a very fast read with a deceptively simple set-up; hopefully I’ll have a review for Friday. I started The Effects of Light by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore. This is a debut novel that should do very well; I’m planning to review All This Heavenly Glory by Elizabeth Crane if I ever recover from my fan boy awe of her skills as a writer.

Meanwhile Sam Lipsyte dropped a note to say he enjoyed the review of Home Land last week. At some point in the next few weeks the review will appear on the front page of Backspace; see, you don’t need the Washington Post or the New York Times for book reviews. The paper boy won’t throw your favorite blog into the rose bushes either.