Kevin Guilfoyle's Revenge

The NYT has a book review of Kevin Guilfoyle’s novel Cast of Shadows this weekend written by Spin contributor Mark Schone. I don’t know if the men are related by marriage, drinking buddies, or complete strangers, but Schone has nice things to say about Guilfoyle’s novel while acknowledging the subject of cloning to be fair game for literary reservations.

Last week Galley Cat quoted an email from an anonymous source; the courageous emailer ripped Guilfoyle and the novel he rode in on leaving GC to ponder a broader issue; was Guilfoyle’s association with the Morning News bound to lead to a softball review by his editorial peers? GC recuses herself on the grounds she hadn’t read the novel, but it seemed a bit of disservice to Guilfoyle. A casual reading of her column might’ve led readers to believe that she was dissing the guy.

Conspiracy theories aside, Kevin Guilfoyle can balance the unidentified flying snark with a full review in the Times. It takes longer to write a novel than it does to write an email; I think it’s fitting that Guilfoyle got an actual review of his work while the anonymous source is relegated to the bush leagues. Galley Cat could even cover the real story, Guilfoyle’s novel.