An Edgar Nominee in the TBR Pile

Mental Multivitamin has named Collected Miscellany as one of her favorite blogs; she called the writing here ‘smart and worthwhile.’ Kevin and Phil…way to go. Kevin recently posted a list of books he’s going to review; I’m looking forward to reading his thoughts on all of them.

Hunter Thompson’s Amazon ratings are soaring, to be expected. My edition of FEAR AND LOATHING has all but disintegrated. Maude Newton has a discussion with Natalie Collins whose novel WIVES AND SISTERS was reviewed here not long ago.

Despite the encroaching Spring Training and the hilarity of Jose Canseco posing as an author, the focus remains on books. Okay, I thought it might be funny if the steroid scandal spread to novelists and John Updike admitted his Canseco like physique wasn’t just from typing. Steroids are good for you, according to Jose. He offers himself as proof of his thesis…

I’m reading Chris Haslam’s TWELVE STEP FANDANGO an Edgar nominated debut that I’ll review over the weekend. We should have interviews with Raelynn Hillhouse, Rebecca Pawel and Elizabeth Crane coming up…darn, I forgot to ask Jose to stop by. He and Pamela Anderson are redefining literature in much the same way that your freezer will affect the shape of a soda can. Writers have been getting away with ordinary looks for decades and that’s got to stop.