World Mag Blogs on TNIV

World Magazine has taken its opposition to Zondervan’s new version of the Bible, Today’s New International Version (TNIV), to the blogosphere. is dedicated to rants and exposes of a translation which claims to use “gender-accurate” language. An old website,, lists dozens of Bible scholars and some denominations who have lined up against Zondervan’s translation, the New Testament of which is due out this month.

The opposition does not stem from the gender-inclusive word choices alone, because at least a couple other Bibles, such as the New Living Translation, use such language without causing a fuss. Scholars and Christian leaders oppose certain textual obfuscations and the broken promises on the way to publication.

This article explains the history of the TNIV and how Zondervan and their translators agreed to concerns raised a few years ago and pledged to cease working on the TNIV. I think the only way to describe that agreement is that the TNIV people lied.

As for obfuscations, you can read short and long lists here.