Revisiting the Classics

Or What If the Greats Were Written by Someone Else?

[By way of Confessions] Duane Swierczynski remarks on Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, co-written with Kevin Anderson, and begins to brainstorm on crime fiction classics revisited by modern authors. Sarah does the same on her blog, and you can feel free to comment on it here. Swierczynski suggests would-be classics like, “Ken Bruen’s Red Harvest, Jason Starr’s They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, Allan Guthrie’s Shoot the Piano Player, and Jeffery Deaver’s The Bride Wore Black.” Personally, I don’t know what the classics of mystery are beyond Sherlock Holmes. I don’t even know which of Agatha Christie’s novels are the classics or who today should write them. How about John Grisham’s In Cold Blood? Maybe P.D. James’ And Then There Were None.

Swierczynski also has a funny list of rejected novel titles.

Beer of the Unknown
Swiss Army Wife
Taste the Blood of Ringo Starr
They’re Going to Pay, I Tell You, and They’re Not Going to Like It When They Do
Walt into Darkness
Dude, Where’s My Getaway Car?
The Postman Always Blings Twice