Bill Morrissey

I have a music review posted over at Blogcritics that might interest readers here. The CD in question is a Rounder compilation album entitled Bill Morrissey: The Essential Collection.

Although I occasionally post my music reviews here, this artist has a stronger connection to the book theme of this blog. That’s because in addition to being a first class folk singer and songwriter Bill Morrissey is also the author of a novel. In 1996 Morrissey released his first and only novel, Edson. To top it off Edson was edited by the highly acclaimed Gary Fisketjon who has worked with the likes of Cormac McCarthy, Jay McInerney, Richard Ford and Kent Hauf.

It is not really surprising that Morrissey would write a novel given that he is such a talented storyteller in his music. Here is a taste of my review:

These twenty songs capture the amazing talent and consistency that Morrissey was able to sustain over the course of his career. The collection begins with the first song from his first album, and one of my favorites, Barstow – a playful yet melancholic song about a man who “pissed his twenties away” but promises his sweetheart “if you take me back this time baby, I promise I’ll stay.” As you can probably tell already, if you are looking for happy-go-lucky bubble gum pop music you have come to the wrong place. No, what Morrissey produces is beautiful, poignant, but often heartrending stories of those for whom life hasn’t quite worked out.

Read the whole thing here.

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