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Say it ain't so C-Span!

I am very sad this morning as I just found out C-Span is canceling Booknotes:

In announcing the cancellation of “Booknotes” — C-SPAN’s popular author interview program — yesterday, host Brian Lamb was haunted by the numbers. He spends 20 hours each week reading books in preparation for “Booknotes,” he estimates. That’s 1.8 years of his life that have been dedicated to reading since the show debuted April 2, 1989. Now he wants to reclaim some of that time for his personal life.

Oh fine, he thinks about his personal life but did he ever think about my life? So selfish Mr. Lamb, so selfish . . .

I guess I will have to be satisfied with Book TV now.


Brimstone By Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston


Man It's Haute

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  1. J Diller

    I can’t believe you watch C-Span!

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