Sorry about the Inquisition

I’m in the middle of reading Kevin Wignall’s People Die and still pondering Kevin Holtsberry’s search for faith in fiction. I’ll post a review of People Die in a few days, assuming I survive the impending writers conference. It’s going to be fun, but I dread the process. I’m as nervous as Pam Anderson’s editor. When asked the title of my work, I’d like say Apologia Pro Vita Summa or something smartass, but I won’t. Three monks cross the Libyan desert in search of love, fun, and a sandy beach in this light hearted Sixth century romp…

But no. While it may seem incongruous to mention Pam Anderson and St. Augustine in the same paragraph, I think they both used the dictation method of getting their words onto the page. Different writing styles though. St. Augustine had the Visigoths to worry about while Pam must contend with being a single mom in Los Angeles.

I’m looking forward to the latest Robert Ferrigno novel THE WAKE UP and Donna Mina’s new book. I finished CJ Box’s OPEN SEASON with mixed feelings. His Joe Pickett series has taken off; book four has just been released.

A final thought about the Inquisition. A lot of the people accused of heresy turned out to be innocent. Sorry about that, but as Michael Palin pointed out, it was completely unexpected.