Ten Book Pileup

Time to organize our thoughts, preview coming attractions and reassemble the well oiled machine of reviewing, interviewing, and recovering from the political moment.

Simon Kernick, interviewed earlier this week, is expediting the delivery of THE CRIME TRADE for review. Simon and I have exchanged numerous emails, covering a prodigious eight time zones and I’m looking forward to reading his latest novel.

MJ Rose. We’ll have an interview with the author of THE HALO EFFECT posted later today. MJ discusses her career and her recent virtual book tour, revealing just how far we’ve come, blogosperically speaking.

Steve Hamilton’s ICE RUN is on hand. The review will appear early next week. Steve was nominated for an ANTHONY for BLOOD IS THE SKY. I think he’ll win when autumn comes to Toronto.

More books are on the way. Remember, in ancient Rome when a play was badly received the writer was dragged through the streets then hurled onto the Tarpeian Rock. That was criticism. Dale Peck? Bring it on.