Beautiful Somewhere Else

There’s quite a discussion raging over on TEV in response to Steven Policoff’s brave essay on things that went bump in the night as he wrote, found an agent, lost an agent, found an editor and publisher for Beautiful Somewhere Else.

Laura Strachan is a literary agent who entered the fray by pointing out that Steven’s experience is not unique. I respect Laura Strachan; she’s chosen to represent difficult novels like Ginny Good and she writes a beautiful rejection letter. Her distillation of current realities in the publishing world seems all too accurate.

Steven Policoff went through the wringer that awaits many novelists. The saddest moment in his narrative is the observation that he’s writing a second novel and isn’t sure why. It’s like root canal, Steve, you’ll feel better when it’s over. Hats off for chronicling your trip through the looking glass. Kudos to your mother as well.