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100 Essential English Language Short Stories?

Joe Carter, proprietor of the Evangelical Outpost, has the literature list bug like me. Joe, unlike me, is being called up and sent to Iraq. Seeing how, like me, he hasn’t made a big dent in some of his lists he would like to tackle a project he can handle. He decided to try and read the 100 “essential” short stories in the English Language. But since there doesn’t seem to be a handy list for this one he needs your help putting one together.

I am not really a short story type guy. I have always focused on full length novels myself (although a few have been rather short). So you short story types need to weigh in on this one and help us out. Post a comment to Joe’s entry, post a list your self and ping Joe, or send me or Joe an email. There can never be too many lists!

BTW, Joe is an interesting and intelligent blogger on a variety of topics from religion, politics, culture to the media, philosophy, and economics. Check him out.


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  1. I don’t generally go for short stories myself, but I can almost guarantee satisfaction from PG Wodehouse’s “Honeysuckle Cottage.” Judging by your summer reading list, you’ll need some short humor to break up all your serious scholarship. And if you’ve not read Thurber before, you are in for a treat.

  2. I want to read some morden short stories and possibly translate them from English into Chinese if they are very interesting.

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