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Boldtype "Self" Issue

Now that spring has arrived in Ohio it is harder to find time to blog. I am embarking on a three game a week soccer season and the dogs flat out demand to be walked when the weather is nice. So to hold you over until I can post more (hey I am going to have a book review published in an actual magazine so give me a break ok?!) I offer the Boldtype “Self” Issue. What’s Boldtype you ask? Well, let them explain:

Still a discerning eye on books, but no longer a part of Random House, Boldtype has been reinvented by Flavorpill Productions. The former web-based literary magazine has relaunched as an email-based review, presenting each month a short list of books worth reading.

Cool ain’t it?

Anyway, here is how the most recent issue is described:

As the seasons change, global alliances shift, and unmanned rovers roam the red planet, it’s as good a time as any to break it down and meditate for a moment on the self. The many selves. Whether they be fake lives, frat brothers, elusive loves, illusory heroes, or just those around you, coloring your body or reacting to your face, they all play a part. There would be no self without the other, and it wouldn’t be much fun to read only the stories you write.

Here is a list of the reviews:
1. Goat by Land
2. The Rachel Papers by Amis
3. My Life as a Fake by Carey
4. The Autobiography of a Face by Grealy
5. A Fan’s Notes by Exley
6. Zhang Huan ed. by Dziewior

Good stuff.


"That Laugh"


Jonathan Carroll

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  1. hey kevin,
    thanks for the props. the next issue comes out today… with a focus on the american dream.


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