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Madeleine Albright: Secretary of Bland

Perhaps this is my partisianship coming through, but I found this January Magazine interview with Madeleine Albright completly banal and uninteresting. I have always been of the opinion that she was a diplomat that simply rose too far in the ranks. I can’t believe an interview like this will encourage people to buy her book. I see this one on the remainder table, with the rest of the self-serving political memoirs, pretty darn quickly.


Blue Road To Atlantis by Jay Nussbaum


Fluke by Christopher Moore

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  1. bobthebuilder

    Indeed, your review of Madam is spot on both in her recent interviews as well as her diplomatic carrer. I can never seperate her from her one defining moment: toddling out on the White House lawn with the other Simpliltons of the Administration to croak her suport and belief that Bill Clinton had not “been intimate” with a girl intern. How degradeing it had to be for each of these toadies first to suffer the tirade spewed at them from Mr Clinton to demand their support, then to publicly suplicate themselves at his feet — simply to keep their job.
    What kind of human allows themselves to be duped, ridiculed and forced to admire the emporer’s clothes? The very kind that populate the beauracracies in Cuba, Iran, China, France, and others. The very kind who find their emporer caught in a spiders hole.

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