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For those of you into free things (and who isn’t) don’t forget about my monthly Free Books for Bloggers (kinda).

The concept is simple: just let me know what book you want to read and why; I will pick someone and buy them their book of choice. I will pick this months winner in a week or so.

Send in your choices (either via comment of email).


Random Book Night


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  1. ok, I’ll bite. In the past few years I have become an avid reader of conservative books on modern culture and current events. Here are the books on my current ‘To Read’ list, any of which I’d be happy to review:

    Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad by Hal Lindsey (available on shopnetdaily.com)

    Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity – read a review of it on NRO the other day and it sounds great

    Slander by Ann Coulter – Already a bestseller, I know I will end up reading this one

    Invasion by Michelle Malkin

    FYI I have just recently finished Ambling Into History and really enjoyed the insight into Bush and his personality. Also in the past year I have read Truth at Any Cost about the Starr investigation, which was excellent, Absolute Power by David Limbaugh and At Any Cost about the 2000 presidential race.

    I’ll be looking forward to whichever book gets reviewed.

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