Michelle Herman Interview Part 2 – Stories We Tell Ourselves

In case you missed part 1 yesterday, this is the second part of an interview with Michelle Herman.

Her most recent book, Stories We Tell Ourselves, is a set of two extended personal essays and was released by the University of Iowa Press this past March.

In this section of the interview we continue to discuss her writing and touch on art and the unconscious, what’s next for her as a writer, as well as the Kindle Single program and changes within the publishing industry.

Michelle Herman Interview Part 1 – Stories We Tell Ourselves

Part 2 of this interview

As I have related here before, I sort of stumbled into Michelle Herman as an author and a person.  I just happened to see her novel Dog at a local book store and realized she was a professor at Ohio State and so in town.  I ended up reading all of her books and interviewing her in person.  I have stayed connected with her over the years and have enjoyed her work as it has developed.

So when her latest collection of personal essays, Stories We Tell Ourselves, was released I knew I wanted to do another interview.  After a few technical issues we were able to connect over Skype and talk about her writing, this latest collection, and the state of publishing.  To allow for today’s short attention spans I broke the interview into to two parts. Part one is above.

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