How to Think by Alan Jacobs

But here’s the thing.  If you are a literate and humane person, you soon begin to enjoy Jacobs admittedly oblique, discursive and conversational approach.  You give up the need for a overly simplified 12-step program with handy lists and catchy acronyms. You appreciate the engaging conversation with a smart friend at a comfortable coffee shop instead of the lecture slash TV special.

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In the Mail: No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline

No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy

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You don’t need to have been born under a lucky star, or with incredible wealth, or with terrific contacts and connections, or even special skills…but what you do need to succeed in any of your life goals is self-discipline. Unfortunately, most people give in to the two worst enemies of success: they take the path of least resistance (in other words, they’re lazy) and/or they want immediate gratification: they don’t consider the long-term consequences of the actions they take today.

No Excuses! shows you how you can achieve success in all three major areas of your life:

1. Your personal goals.
2. Your business and money goals.
3. Your overall happiness.

Each of the 21 chapters in this book shows you how to be more disciplined in one aspect of your life, with end-of-chapter exercises to help you apply the “no excuses” approach to your own life. With these guidelines, you can learn how to be more successful in everything you do—instead of wistfully envying others who you think are just “luckier” than you. A little self-discipline goes a long way…so stop making excuses and read this book!

In the Mail: Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid

Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid: The Simple Truth to a Complicated Relationship

Publishers Weekly:

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In this comic relationship self-help, semi-functional (but self-aware) couple Lee and Morris-brandishing their credentials as “a major nut bag” and “a genuine dunce,” respectively-boil down the whole of male-female relationships to a simple, provocative statement, then go about examining the evidence and implications in an alternating, occasionally overlapping, he said-she said format. Most chapters follow the same structure, giving Morris the lead on any number of subjects-which came first, stupid or crazy; keeping your big dumb mouth shut; dealing with outsized expectations-after which Lee steps in with a response. This gives the book a male-oriented feel, but it’s got enough laughs and insight to hook readers on either side of the gender divide, provided the egos involved aren’t too fragile. Morris and Lee have a warm, funny, playfully adversarial relationship that’s both intimate and identifiable, and put through the paces in lengthy, laugh-out-loud dialogues. For all its self-deprecating comedy, this volume provides valuable insight into typical relationship potholes, including chick-flick con

In the Mail: Self-Help Edition

–> Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love by Diana Kirschner


Diana Kirschner, PhD, knows the questions single women everywhere face: “Why am I attracted to the wrong kind of guys?””Why is he just not that into me?””Why can’t I seem to find the One?” In LOVE IN 90 DAYS, Dr. Diana reveals the secrets to finding Mr. Right and the crucial steps single women can take to create fulfilling love that lasts.

Most singles unconsciously make the same mistakes over and over again in love, regardless of age, work success, or the type of man they are dating. Using her unique four-pronged approach, Dr. Diana pulls no punches. She outlines a program that gets women on the path to smash through their self-sabotage and forge a healthy love relationship.

–> American Thighs: The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets by Jill americanthighsConner Browne

Publishers Weekly

Having previously written books on finding a man, planning a wedding, raising kids and coming through a divorce, Browne’s latest offers hilarious tips on enjoying our inexorable trudge into Geezerdom. Browne is already checking off the days until November 23, 2012, when she turns 60 and can move into a retirement home; at 80, she plans to start smoking again. Looking back at her youthful follies (like slathering on baby oil for all-day tanning sessions), she warns, Karma is listening and she has ears like a bat. She and her sister have a pact to Get the Pillow (smother the other in her sleep) when the time comes. In Browne’s case, that will be if I start watching reality TV, quoting Dr. Phil, riding roller coasters and seem to have forsaken bacon in favor of anything soy. While exhorting the pleasures of giving in to comfortable sandals and roomy underwear, Browne, in her best book yet, offers laugh-out-loud, slightly off-topic digressions (she passionately defends the term brick shithouse and rebukes tummy-control swimsuits).