Gripped by the Greatness of God by James MacDonald

For Sunday School this past session I was in a class that featured video from James MacDonald based on the book Gripped by the Greatness of God. I enjoyed the class a great deal and decided to read the book to review and reinforce the lessons.

I highly recommend both the book and the video series.

It is an engaging and challenging study based on the book of Isaiah. It helps you comes to grips with the foundational character of God and how that should and will impact your spiritual growth if you truly believe what you read and learn.

Here is the publishers blurb:

When was the last time you were really and truly gripped by God’s greatness? Most Christians recall heartfelt resolutions around a fire at bible camp as children, and perhaps a revival meeting or two. But what causes the fervor of those experiences to translate into a consistent life pattern? Pastor and author James MacDonald believes that the better we understand God, the better we understand ourselves, and the less likely we are to favor our own will over God’s. He writes: “God is not safe and He will not be squeezed into some neat, respectable Sunday discussion..No. To Know God at all is to watch Him explode any box we put Him in with His terror, majesty and indescribable wonder.”

Expounding upon Isaiah’s encounters with God, MacDonald prods snoozing saints to rediscover the wonder of God’s attributes. He also shares candidly from his experiences in life and ministry where God proved Himself to be the Great I AM. This book will spur new and seasoned believers alike to detest mediocrity in their spiritual walks. Ideal for individual or small group study.

MacDonald has a lighthearted yet serious style and while the book is an easy read that does not mean the issues and ideas addressed our easy to apply in your life. It moves from the character of God to how our understand of that character, and or willingness to truly act on this knowledge, can change the way we experience God.

A great read for anyone interested in taking their faith deeper.

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

“A boy. A tiger. And the vast Pacific Ocean. This is a novel of such rare and wondrous storytelling that it may, as one of the characters claims, make you believe in God. Can a reader reasonably ask for anything more?”

So reads the dust jacket of the novel The Life of Pi by Yann Martel . My answer: yes.

To be more accurate I am not sure the book lives up to this haughty claim. And if it does make you believe in God, what kind of God is it and why do you believe? In other words The Life of Pi left me with a lot more questions than answers. Let?s start at the beginning, however, back at the “a boy, a tiger, and the pacific ocean part” let’s focus on the wonderful storytelling.

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