The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman – Part I

I have a confession and an apology to offer about The View from the Cheap Seats.

First, I will confess that I didn’t pay attention when requesting a review copy that the books was 544 pages.  I simply thought: “Oh, a collection of Neil Gaiman’s non-fiction writing? How interesting. I should read that.”  But about halfway through, I was started wondering just how long this book really was and noticed the answer was very, very long.

And this brings the apology. I haven’t finished reading the book yet. Perhaps a second confession is in order.  I am not really a fan of comics; although I have been reading some graphic novels now that my kids enjoy them.  I didn’t grow up reading comics and know very little about the genre or its history. I enjoy Gaiman’s fiction but really know nothing about his comic work.

So I got a little bogged down in the sections dealing with comics and the comics industry and took a bit of a break from reading. Sorry.  That is why I a writing a “review” of a book I haven’t finished reading.  I figured I get some pixels down since the book has been out for two weeks and the publisher probably didn’t give me a review copy so I could write a review sometime in the distant future.

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