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2016: My Year In Books

Well, here we are in 2017.  Kicking the tires, perhaps quietly depending on how much champagne you had.  Getting our sea legs under us as they say. Nervously looking around at our favorite celebrities maybe.

But let’s take a quick look back at 2016 as it pertains to books.  My year in books as it were.  For this post I just want to take a high level look.  In a separate post I will get into favorite books of the year.

So the numbers from the above graphic: 82 books (the highest since I started tracking using Goodreads) and 20,620 pages.  Some not included:

More on my favorites from 2016 in another post.

What was your year in books?

Video: Books I Want To Read

In an attempt to shake things up and post more content here, I am starting an experiment in video blogging.  I am not going to call it a Vlog or anything, but I figured it might be easier to just talk in front of a camera rather try to compose a post. The first “episode” is below.

Books mentioned:

Jonah Goldberg on writing a book

The problem, you see, is that people who don’t write books don’t know what an unending, unyielding ass-ache they are. I’d compare them to a non-stop flight in a middle seat between John Goodman’s sweaty former body double who’s now jobless because he “let himself go” and a runny-nosed, cotton-candy-loving small child who is hard to distinguish from a deadly pathogen vector.

But I can’t make that comparison — because writing a book is worse than that. You see there’s nothing “non-stop” about writing a book save the constant yearning to either reach the destination or the unending sound of the siren on your shoulder counseling you to give up and beach the ship. Even though you’re often surrounded by people, you’re always alone in that community-of-one called “the author of your unfinished book.”

It’s more like a years-long journey with constant layovers, cancelled planes, and rerouting through Newark. Every time you push away from the keyboard, it’s like deplaning just long enough to see if Wolfgang Puck Express has finally decided to more accurately rename itself “Bowel Stewery on the Go.”

I know what you’re thinking right now: “Stewery isn’t a word.” To which I ask, “That’s your objection to this rant?”

Jonah Goldberg in today’s G-file

The lament of literature teachers everywhere


Via You’re All Just Jealous of My Jet Pack

Collected Miscellany at Ten Years

This Blog began ten years ago yesterday . There are older posts because I imported book related posts from Kevin Holtsberry Dot Com but for original content it all started ten years ago.

Kinda wild to think about that.

I will admit that I have been tempted to quit many times and these days I often struggle with whether it is still worth it. I still read a lot and would like to think I am still engaged with the world of ideas.  But with two young kids, a full-time job, a habit of watching lots of football, and the distractions of social media (and, you know, reading books)  I find it hard to find the time and focus for well written reviews.

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