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How Out of Control Is Your TBR Pile?

In case you need to do some triage

How Out of Control Is Your TBR Pile?

In case you need to do some triage

Ten of my favorite reads in 2009

I thought it would be appropriate to look back over the books I read in 2009 and pick out a few of my favorites.  Keep in mind what follows is my list of favorite reads in 2009 not books published in 2009. And the list is not in particular order or rank.

1) John the Baptizer by Brooks Hansen:

No matter your faith background, or lack of it, or your knowledge of the Bible, or lack of it, I highly recommend John The Baptizer.  Its blends the historical and the literary in ways that defy genre and subject matter to create a powerful story.

2) Right Time, Right Place by Richard Brookhiser

For anyone wanting to understand the conservative movement, and its flagship magazine, Right Time, Right Place is a must read.  And anyone interested in becoming a journalist/writer would do well to read it. But at its heart is a more humane vision: that being true to your ideals and friends is what’s important.

3) The Everafter War by Michael Buckley

With the Everafter War Michael Buckley again shows why this series has won the acclaim and popularity it has.  Each book has just the right amount of humor and seriousness; of plot and character development mixed with satire and slapstick.  He keeps the reader guessing – although both the traitor and the master are pretty easy to spot – and despite all the silliness (and the YA audience) the characters are surprisingly well developed. It is just an ideal light read for me and for kids of all ages.

Esquire's The 75 Books Every Man Should Read

Time was you couldn’t click on this blog without running into a list.  But it has been a long time since we discussed one around here.  But I just stumbled upon, via Nigel Beale, Esquire’s The 75 Books Every Man Should Read and thought I would post on it for old time’s sake  As usual, I have some work to do.  I have only read ten.  How do you stack up?

List below with what I have read in bold.

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