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Notes & Asides that are posted in the sidebar. Quotes, links, etc.

Advice for the NFL

JV Last offers advice to the NFL: “Today you can walk into Walmart and buy a 65” Ultra-HD TV for $470. Meanwhile, if a fan wants to go see a Steelers game, the average ticket is $93 and parking is $40. Do the math …”

Wrestling a review

Trying to wrestle my review of Suicide of the West into publishable shape. Oof, at 2000 words and counting without discussing Part Three.


Brookhiser on Potemra

Richard Brookhiser on Mike Potemra “Mike was a pilgrim, the wandering Christian, the walking American. Through the storm, through the night, lead me on to the light.”

Stunted Intellectuals

Perhaps we should sympathize with our stunted intellectuals. They are asked to write about much more than they can possibly know anything about…”

Pro-tip: if you are going to request review copies from publishers it might not be wise to write a blog post about how you have too many books to read and are having a hard time being inspired to write reviews of said books. It might also be wise to read and review a few books in the relevant category just prior to making the request.

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