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Notes & Asides that are posted in the sidebar. Quotes, links, etc.

The Stoic Test: Daniel H. Pink on how to deal with frustration

I really enjoy The Pinkcast. But this one, on dealing with frustration, is particularly useful these days. Check it out.

I’m done (promise)

OK, I am done futzing around with the theme/header/layout/etc. Not that anyone noticed, but back to your regularly scheduled programing…

LOTR on the Great Books Podcast

Highly recommend the three Lord of the Rings episodes from the Great Books podcast. Start with The Fellowship of the Ring episode.

Christianity & the Jericho March

While the laws that we live under matter a great deal, Christians need to recover the primacy of the personal over the political more than anything else. If we can’t love our neighbors in a personal, politically agnostic, face-to-face way, they’ll turn to synthetic and unreal ideological communities to fill the gap left by the loneliness of their daily lives.

The road back to sanity, solidarity, and social trust on both sides of the political spectrum will involve turning away from this ideological cul-de-sac and back toward personal communities once more. If Christian churches won’t do this, they risk being exploited as political playthings of the powers that be. — Christianity as Ideology: The Cautionary Tale of the Jericho March

Kevin Williamson on the college debt debate

You’ll notice we are not having a national debate about paying off poor people’s mortgages. We could do that just as easily if the self-declared champions of the poor had any interest in anything other than their own status and their own appetites.

They don’t.

The College-Debt Debate Is a Culture-War Battle

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