The New York Times on Tom Stoppard’s “book valise” (pictured above):

He would know, having for 30 years carried a portable enigma, the drop-front of which opens a surprisingly clear window into the mind of its porter. This intriguing valise looks as if it should be handcuffed to his wrist and contain enriched uranium, the Dead Sea Scrolls or a kidney. But no — it holds books, and very neatly, as he has explained countless times to curious fellow travelers.

“Everyone always wants to know what it is, and where they can get one,” he said.

The case was first spotted 30 years ago on a baggage carousel at Kennedy Airport by Mr. Stoppard’s wife at the time, Miriam. Curious, she approached its owner, a young man who told her what it was, and that he had obtained it from the Manhattan luggage maker T. Anthony. She promptly bought one for her husband, who, at least while traveling, has scarcely ever let go of it.


I think I will stick with the Kindle.

H/T: Henry Kisor