I have been blogging for almost five years now. Here is my very first post:

Welcome to my Blog. I have decided to join the world of internet communications and arrogantly assume that someone cares what I have to say. This will simply be a place where I say what I think about various issues – culture, politics, history, literature, ideas, etc. (hence the title). I am completely unsophisticated when it comes to the technology so bear with me as I learn.

Since that time I have gone through a great many moods; created and abandoned a number of blogs; changed my focus and/or subject; and thought about giving it up a dozen times. But for some reason I just can’t seem to stop blogging. And really, I ended up back in much the same spot as I started out.

bookfair_halfbanner3.gifThis melancholy nostalgia is prompted by the Online Book Fair I mentioned yesterday. The fair seeks to celebrate and showcase the online community of book people – “book lovers, authors, publishers, booksellers, and anyone else who is passionate about books and reading.”

I didn’t start blogging to talk about books (although I have always been a bibliophile and often mentioned books) but I got burned out on the political side and decided to focus a lot more on my love of reading. I am glad I did.

For an amateur, the knowledge that you can get free books and can interact with authors, publishers, and other industry folks is a kick. This is the part I have enjoyed the most about the “literary blogosphere.” Simply because I love to read and am willing to post my thoughts on the web, I have been exposed to a huge variety of authors and books that I otherwise wouldn’t have been. I have established online relationships with bloggers, publicists, authors, and readers who have all expanded my knowledge and understanding of the world. And that is pretty cool if you think about it. Maybe that is why I can’t quit blogging . . .