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Those of you following along at home know that I have been on a book buying fast. I have simply been buying too many books to the point that I can’t possibly read them. One way to get around this resolution is to have people send you books for free. What could be more fun than free books?!

Today two free books came in the mail. Via Harper Collins’ First Look Program I received an advanced copy of Past Due by William Lashner (and a free audio version too). I enjoy a good thriller now and again, and this seems to be in that category.

On a more serious side, I received a review copy of W. Wesley McDonald’s upcoming Russell Kirk and the Age of Ideology. Russell Kirk is an under appreciated figure in American conservatism and scholarship on his life and ideas are relatively rare. I am a big fan of Kirk and can’t wait to dig into McDonald’s work.

P.s. To be honest, I broke my no new books promise last night at Barnes and Noble, but in my defense it was just a book on grammar that was deeply discounted. Despite being tempted I didn’t buy any new books that would only add to my shockingly long reading list.


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  1. Wes McDonald

    Thanks for the kind remarks about my book on Kirk. However, I can’t idenity you from your web site.

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